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Recent content by pro2A

  1. pro2A

    Going to California and have some questions

    I'm flying out to California next week to visit my family. I know OC is legal out there and I plan on carrying, but I do have a few questions. I will be in Shasta county in the Redding area. About the only thing I do know in Cali is that LEO's can stop you to check your firearm to make sure it...
  2. pro2A

    MWAG Call... Finally a dispatcher knows the law!

    If only all calls would go like this... I'd only wish the dispatcher would say "No we won't send an officer out". But at least she knows the laws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWOTxvJibhM&feature=related
  3. pro2A

    OC @ Rehoboth Beach

    imported post I plan on taking a 3 day weekend with the wife and heading down there this summer. How is the attitude towards OC in this area? I'm usually a little more reluctant in touristy areas. I would imagine there are a lot of NJ/MD people. Any legal issues I should be aware of? I do have...
  4. pro2A

    Places you personally choose not to OC

    imported post While these place may be legal to OC (in some states) there are just some places where I feel the need to CC instead as it would be more hassle then not to OC. I'm sure even the most avid OCer has that one or two places where they would not OC even though it is perfectly legal to...
  5. pro2A

    Help Pass Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania!

    imported post I looked and did not see this recently, but it was on PAFOA and I figured I could post it here too...
  6. pro2A

    How do you carry in the winter?

    imported post Simple question really. How do you carry in the winter when you have a jacket on? Do you simply CC, or do you still OC? I'm more of a warm weather OCer. If I have a jacket on and CC it's no biggie to me.
  7. pro2A

    OC in Tucson

    imported post I may be headed to Tucson over Christmas to visit some family. I will be OC as usual. Anything I should be aware of legally while OCing in Tucson? Places to avoid? Places to go? My rights if stopped by law enforcement?
  8. pro2A

    Check out this crack pot...

    imported post I don't even know if I should give this guy the courtesy of linking to his website, but he is just... there are no words. http://www.examiner.com/x-6572-NY-Obama-Administration-Examiner~y2009m7d13-Sotomayor-guns-the-2nd-amendment-and-constitutional-idiocy Just a couple excerpts...
  9. pro2A

    Car carry in WV

    imported post I'm I correct in assuming that I can carry in a car in WV without a permit as long as it's visible?
  10. pro2A

    OC in the winter

    imported post The air is starting to get cold, and I found myself putting on a light jacket heading out today. This conceals my Glock obviously. What do the rest of you OCers do in the winter time? Is summer the only OC season? I just recently got into OC so this will be my first winter being...
  11. pro2A

    Might be going to AZ in December

    imported post I had a few questions I had about Arizona carry laws. My wife is graduating from the University of Phoenix (online). I know my permit is recognized by Arizona, but what about carry on a university campus? How about carry in restaurants that serve alcohol? I know OC is legal state...
  12. pro2A

    MD non-resident permits

    imported post I heard somewhere that Maryland is like Massachusetts. If you have a home state CCW permit and apply for the MD permit, that they will issue you a non-resident permit. Is this true or am I being fed a line?
  13. pro2A

    Multi-state - OC lunch photos

    imported post Here are some photos of the multi-state OC event in Leesburg, VA. We had members mainly from PAFOA and VCDL... there were two members from WVCDL, and a few people from Maryland. One from Maryland Shall issue and a few others. One man from MD had his Maryland CCL:shock: he showed...
  14. pro2A

    So I carried sterile in Vermont

    imported post Well I finally made it to the holy grail of states for all CCers and OCers… Vermont :) Actually we just got back from Maine for the week, we just passed thru Vermont. I mostly concealed up in Maine as I was around a lot of family and friends. We we’re in Winthrop just outside of...
  15. pro2A

    Cities in Maine question

    imported post I'm leaving for Maine tomorrow. Will OC be an issue in the cities of Augusta, Bangor and Bar Harbor? Or as they say, Auguster, Bangah and Bah Habah :) I have a Maine non-resident CCL. Anything off limits? Anything else I should know before I CC and OC in Maine? Thanks... oh and...