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hi john, how about kicking these phone salespeople off our forums, they have all most taking over our forums, thank you.
who knows anything about the law pertaining to open carry in a liquor store.
gutshot II
There is no mention of liquor stores in the gun laws of Ky. It makes me ask what prompted this question?
gutshot II
A liquor store is private property just like any other private property. There is no specific "law" about guns in liquor stores. Of course, the owner may manage his property as he sees fit and prohibit any activity that he wants to prohibit.
Well not any activity he chooses. Can't prohibit certain groups of people from shopping there.

Can't tell a kentuckian they cannot be armed there. Of course they can use the old standby trespass law to violate the person's RTKABA, AFTER asking the armed person to leave and that request being refused.
Un-enroll me from this site please.

It is pointless to attempt to converse with mindless fanatics.

Do not post anything further to me.