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Recent content by tntorqu

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    U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade

    imported post Yall are going to be mad.:cuss::banghead::cuss::banghead::cuss::banghead::cuss: http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSTRE59E0Q920091015
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    Hillary Signs Small Arms Treaty

    imported post While you were watching the oil spill, the New York failed terrorist bombing and other critical crises, Hillary Clinton signed the small arms treaty with the UN. OBAMA FINDS LEGAL WAY AROUND THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND USES IT. IF THIS PASSES, THERE could BE WAR On Wednesday...
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    Five arrested in robbery of gas station near Mandeville

    imported post http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2010/04/five_accused_of_robbing_mandev.html my wifewas working overnightat danny and clydes right there on 59. She told me last night that the kangeroo down the street gotten robbed so they had to lockthere doors. My wife said some of those...
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    opencarry in walmart, Covington LA

    imported post I carry every where else, but not walmart. So tonight im going in there with my wife. I finally gotten the balls to do it.So hopefully everything goes smoothly. I will post back up when im done. Wish me luck.
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    New handgun. $700 and under.

    imported post What is a good handgun to opencarry with and conceal carry with. Im just looking for a new gun so i can show off with it at the range. I love my glocks but there isnt another glock i want. So i need yalls help.Right now, i have a glock 17, glock 26and a ruger P95.Any suggestions.
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    What else do you carry?

    imported post Besides your handgun what else do you carry knife, flashlight, extra mag holder, etc. What i carry is a glock 17 and a mini-mag. Yall may find this funny but i do keep a pair of handcuffs just in case:D. Im not a LEO. So what do you carry?
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    Popeyes in Covington LA.

    imported post Okay guess this may be old to some of you. But on march 22, 2010, the popeyes in covington was robbed. The manager was pushed back in the store, robber started slinging his gun around and saying give me the money. They gotten into a brawl, manager took the weapon and chased after...
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    academy sports and outdoors

    imported post At academy in slidell did anyone open carry their. What was their reaction.
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    delayed on handgun purchase

    imported post this is the third time i gotten delayed on a handgun purchase. Does anyone else have this same problem?!?!?:banghead:
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    Never leave home without your gun.

    imported post I know this may sound weird and this isn't about OCing. But tonight (saturday) I went to the gas station to get the greatest drink of all (mountain dew). I was following a car for like five minutes. I wasn'ttailgating but i was two cars away from them. I follow them from my road...
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    This is about the meet up today if anybody wants to know.

    imported post Well the meet up went semi well. We had about 7 people attended including wives. Thanks turbodog and slidell jim and two other that attended(i forgot the other two screen names that attended). Well it started raining as soon as slidell jim and I showed up so we decided to go eat...
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    Open carry trash pickup tomorrow

    imported post you guys messed up the other thread. I just want to know on how many people will be there tomorrow. I dont want any other posts. If your not coming thats fine. But if you are here is my number so you can get in touch with me 985-502-4636. So let me know. Remember Hobby lobby...
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    The police know about this site and other sites like these.

    imported post Yesterday i found a web site for officers to coversate about there duties they did that night. alot of jefferson PD and Baton Rouge PD is on there. They gotten on the subject about OC'ers. Ill Paste the thread on here. They say that we bait officers so that we can sue them...
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    OC'ers trash pickup in slidell

    imported post A good Gause Blvd location would be to meet at the large parking lot at Hobby Lobby, about 3 blocks off of i-10 (good for out-of-towners). We could work our way down Gause to Lakewood drive, back up the other side of Gause to I-10, then back to the parking lot. There is lots of...
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    imported post Okay all i need is names and phone numbers. This is going to happen on november 21,2009, at 9:00 am. All i need is what is listed above. And give me a location. I was thinking gause blvd but if yall have the dirties street let me know. but we are going to give back to the...