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Wisconsin Open Carry Advocate Gets Handgun Snatched From Holster


Regular Member
Dec 18, 2008

Many states, including Wisconsin, allow open carry.

Sorry, no, WI doesn't allow OC, it just doesn't prohibit it, thereby not making it illegal to OC.

If a bad guy can’t see a gun, then he won’t know he can snatch that gun.

Wrong angle to take. If a criminal can't see a gun, that means the criminal thinks the person is a soft target and is more likely to attack the person.

If someone is committing a crime, the most likely person to step in is the one with a handgun on the hip.

Logical fallacy. If I'm OCing, I might stop the bad guy, or I might run away. Same could be said for someone CCing. Neither the OCer, nor CCer, want to see innocent people hurt.

Stay safe and aware, and leave open carry for when it makes sense in gun rights demonstrations.

False, the way to make people aware of RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is to use that right. I would retort that this "author" should refrain from using the 1A to write anything so as to not "offend" anyone.