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VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!


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Jul 25, 2017

§19.2-152.16. False statement to law-enforcement officer, etc.; penalty.

Any person who knowingly and willfully makes any materially false statement or representation to a law-enforcement officer or attorney for the Commonwealth who is in the course of conducting an investigation undertaken pursuant to this chapter is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

§19.2-152.17. Immunity of law-enforcement officers, etc.; chapter not exclusive.RED FLAG!!!!!!

A. An attorney for the Commonwealth or a law-enforcement officer shall be immune from civil liability for any act or omission related to petitioning or declining to petition for a substantial risk order pursuant to this chapter. RED FLAG!!!!!!

B. Any law-enforcement agency or law-enforcement officer that takes into custody, stores, possesses, or transports a firearm pursuant to a search warrant issued pursuant to § 19.2-152.13 or 19.2-152.14 shall be immune from civil or criminal liability for any damage to or deterioration, loss, or theft of such firearm. RED FLAG!!!!!!

C. Nothing in this chapter precludes a law-enforcement officer from conducting a search for a firearm or removing a firearm from a person under any other lawful authority.

§19.2-387.3. Substantial Risk Order Registry; maintenance; access.

A. The Department of State Police shall keep and maintain a computerized Substantial Risk Order Registry (the Registry) for the entry of orders issued pursuant to § 19.2-152.13 or 19.2-152.14. The purpose of the Registry shall be to assist the efforts of law-enforcement agencies to protect their communities and their citizens. The Department of State Police shall make the Registry information available, upon request, to criminal justice agencies, including local law-enforcement agencies, through the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN). Registry information provided under this section shall be used only for the purposes of the administration of criminal justice as defined in §9.1-101.

B. No liability shall be imposed upon any law-enforcement official who disseminates information or fails to disseminate information? What does this mean? in good faith compliance with the requirements of this section, but this provision shall not be construed to grant immunity for gross negligence or willful misconduct. RED FLAG!!!!!!

So nothing changed from the original VA law, now it gives LEO unlimited power and immunity? The accuser's get a slap on the wrist, while the accused have to spend time and money along with losing their 2A right when it shouldn't have been mess with in the first place? Doesn't make sense to me, but ok....

Do this look similiar to 9/11 when we lost our Liberty? Look at us now 20 years later and are we more free and now it dripple down to the State level?

Good job Virginian!!!
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Apr 28, 2009
Vinton, Virginia, USA
You're not paying attention. The socialism of which I speak is in Europe. I used to live in Spain, and have been in other countries. I have experienced those demo-socialist societies. They are better than the USA in most aspects.

If you truly feel this way I have an easy solution, just pack your bags and move back to Spain...I lived in the UK for 2 years while serving in the USAF and I couldn't disagree with you more about any aspect being better than the USA... As far as gun control goes the USA has a little piece of paper that protects the individual right to keep and bear arms (I'm sure you have heard of it...The Bill of Rights..ie the 2nd amendment)

As far as whether we should be allowed to have shoulder mounted rocket launchers or 30 round (or more) magazines, I think that has already been answered in Caetano v. Massachusetts (2016), the Supreme Court reiterated its earlier rulings that "the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding" and that its protection is not limited to "only those weapons useful in warfare." (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

It's time to face facts, gun control has nothing to do with controlling guns, it's all about controlling people. My question to you would be, why does our govt fear it's population being armed? Please don't come back with the answer that they want to save lives. If that was true then cars would be outlawed (more people die from car accidents each year than from guns) and abortions would definitely be ended...


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
cb5300...barros posted this to the forum's owner 15 nov 2019, quote:

Un-enroll me from this site please.
It is pointless to attempt to converse with mindless fanatics.
Do not post anything further to me.

this was exactly 2 days after joining this premier OC forum...

soooo...he's hasn't been back since 15 nov 2019...might not get his response...

OC for ME

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Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
If you truly feel this way I have an easy solution, just pack your bags and move back to Spain...
He remains in the US of A...probably...because his departure from this forum clearly denotes he does not agree with his own words. But, he will very likely work...and vote...to have the US of A become Spain...or the UK.

...good riddance I say!