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Slidell Gun Show - Harbor Center, Slidell La, March 20-21st

Slidell Jim

Regular Member
Sep 29, 2009
Slidell, La
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It doen't look like anyone else is interested in meeting up b4 the show........

The Harbor Center is easy to find. From anywhere on the Northshore, go to Slidell and take I-10 west toward New Orleans, take the last exit before the twinspan (Eden Isles/Oak Harbor exit) turn left onto Oak Harbor Blvd (going back over the interstate you will see the building in front of you), go to second stop sign and turn left onto Lakeshore Blvd, The Harbor Center is the only big building on that side of the exit.

Edit: I surely think that OC is MORE THAN welcome here !!! I just couldn't imagine that it would not be welcome. There will be open trading, selling, buying of guns, a couple of gunsmiths will be there, background checks available, ect, ect .


Founder's Club Member
Mar 13, 2009
St. Tammany Parish, LA, , USA
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Therewasa 'No Loaded Firearms' sign at the ones I've been to. This sign may haveoriginally addressed firearms that were brought in for sale or trade by an individual. For now atleast, it will apply to OC also.

You can carry to that point buta LEO (with me it was Deputy Matthews, STSO) will require you to unload and allow a tie ran through the barrel before proceeding. Basically, a 'worse than California UOC'.

Edit to add: This was my experience and another OCer, who arrived before I got there. Your experience may vary.