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New lever action shotgun improves prospects for self defense options in Austrailia


Site Co-Founder
May 13, 2006
Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
New lever action shotgun improves prospects for self defense options in Australia.

Though limited apparently by law to only 8 rounds, and ownership requires a license, Australians are buying up lever action shotguns for self defense and other lawful purposes.

Unfortunately the victim disarmament lobby is scheming to ban yet even more guns than are already banned by the Australian government in response to criminal actions by one man during the so-called "Port Arthur massacre." See article at http://tenplay.com.au/news/national/april/antigun-lobby-fears-arrival-of-new-rapidfire-shotgun.
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Jul 5, 2006
I love to see innovation on guns.

I hate to see innovation forced by immoral bans on the natural, God-given right to self-defense.

And sadly, I suspect the real motivation behind gun grabbers isn't guns themselves, but rather what guns do for the common man: empower him to not be wholly dependent on or subservient to the state. The gun grabbers classify a lever action as "rapid fire" now. My goodness, a Saga would probably cause a full up out-of-body experience. :)

(Notice that the worst of totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany, the USSR, Red China, etc, attack organized religion with almost as much venom as they do private ownership of guns. Even in the US, it is the state-worshiping liberals who are most hostile to organized religion. It is so annoying when the SCOTUS or other government entities are not the last, final word on some topic.)

Given the underlying motivation of the gun grabbers, the purchase of a level actin shotgun is but a sort term solution for the masses. The new guns will be banned. Or, perhaps more likely, all use of guns in defense of self or home will be criminalized.

You can submit to the bad guys, or you can defend home and family and then spend the rest of your life rotting in prison for daring to use an evil gun to defend yourself.



Campaign Veteran
Jul 31, 2011
..."Port Arthur massacre."...

As opposed to a "Shootout" when the victims have guns, too. Although, when bad guys know good guys are armed, there just doesn't tend to be many incidents, as they much prefer massacres to shootouts.