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Judge tosses indictments on Anty


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Sep 7, 2007
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Judge tosses indictments on Anty506

Judge tosses indictments


Advocate Baker - Zachary bureau
Published: Aug 18, 2010 - Page: 4B

CLINTON — A state district judge threw out indictments Tuesday against three men accused in the July 2009 shooting death of a Clinton man during an alleged drug deal.

Twentieth Judicial District Judge George H. Ware Jr. ruled that the East Feliciana Parish grand jury that indicted the trio may have been led to believe that a person cannot claim self-defense in a shooting that occurs during a drug deal.

Excerpt ... read the entire story at:

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Aug 24, 2009
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA
I was wondering if the judge was smoking the same thing the defendants were trying to buy/sell, but then I went back to RS14:20 and re-read it.

A(4)(b) is the part eliminating self-defense as a defense if a drug transaction is involved. However, it says "The provisions of this Paragraph shall not apply..." (emphasis added by me). What is considered a "paragraph" in the Revised Statutes? Is it all of A, or only A(4)? If it's just A(4), then the judge is right, the exception in A(4)(b) only applies to a break-and-enter type of scenario. I'm not familiar with the terms used in the law's structure.

LA Confederate

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Jul 9, 2009
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Who would you rather go free/live, the guy selling the drugs or the recreational user/buyer? Personally I'd much rather have someone who smokes some grass occasionally on the street because that means the dealer who's enabling the behavior is not, which in turn means the end user has no supply.

Course we could always go down the path that what one does with his/her own body is no one else's business in the first place so long as it does not infringe or danger others.