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Help me list the Phrases, You and We, Hate!!!

1245A Defender

Regular Member
Jul 7, 2009
north mason county, Washington, USA
Recently, in this thread Seattle PD, when will you keep your booger hooks off the bang switch?

Some folks voiced their displeasure with some often used phrases.
I would like to list them, and also list some of the ones I think are dumb and/or dumber...
Sooo without further ado... Wow that might have been one of them right there!

Without further ado
Booger hook on the bang switch... actually, I like to say this one!
Touch base
It is what it is
With that being said
Lets agree to disagree
Be that as it may... doesnt even sound like a thing.

I had others in mind, until I started to list them, but then I was hit by brain farts.
Please list all the other stupid things you/I and others write
because you/I/we are to lazy to think of real things to say/write...
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Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007
At this point in time I have virtually nothing that brings anything meaningful to the table without thinking outside the box.

stay safe.
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Founder's Club Member
Nov 15, 2006
Fairfax Co., VA
I'm hoping there is a separate circle in Hell for inventors of government euphemisms. Certainly, their terms deserve their own category here.

Checkpoint. Cop-speak for roadblock. I just use the word roadblock.

Officer safety. Cop-speak to nullify the line in Terry v Ohio about nothing in the initial moments of an encounter serving to dispel the officer's concern for his safety and others nearby. Just invoke the holy words officer safety, and nobody bothers to wonder whether the cop used any judgement as required by Terry.

Resisting arrest. Cop-speak (as proved by a number of videos) for being completely still while being handcuffed and held by several cops. Can include trying to defend yourself from a gratuitous police assault prior to cuffing.

Furtive movement. Cop-speak for reaching for your license in the console, glove box, or visor during a traffic stop, but before the cop arrives at your car door. Excludes a jurisdiction where an appellate court expressly ruled that reaching for your license is not a furtive movement, highlighting that some cops actually have to be told this by an authority figure. The problem with the term is that the word furtive is not a fact; it is an evaluation of a fact. A movement is just a movement. In order to determine whether it was furtive, more facts are needed to know whether the adjective is appropriate. What was it (facts) that made it furtive? When a cop testifies to a furtive movement, he's hoping listeners will not notice the evaluative nature of the word furtive and omit to ask for the rest of the facts that made it furtive.

Dynamic entry. Cop-speak to cover up/gloss over the violence of battering down a door, possibly while tossing flash-bang(s) into the residence.

Pyro-technic device: Cop-speak for an explosive device called a flash-bang. If you've ever seen one detonated, you have no doubt it is an explosive. Pyro-technic device includes tear-gas grenades, so its actually a legitimate term perverted whenever applied to flash-bangs.

C(onductive) E(lectrical) D(evice): Cop-speak for electro-torture pain-compliance devices. Also known as tasers.

Less-lethal: Cop-speak for sometimes lethal. Usually in reference to tasers. The term was converted from the original non-lethal after so many people died from these things as to force the change. There are a few interesting things to note. A taser is regarded as a deadly weapon when seized by a criminal and used against a cop. Also, people are known to suffer brain injuries, and broken bones and teeth, from falling rigidly against sidewalks and curbs. Compare to part of the justification for lethal force in self-defense: threat of grave bodily injury or death. Police training videos are very revealing--when police or cadets receive a demonstration tasering, they are often wearing helmets and fall onto gym mats.

Reasonable articulable suspicion (RAS): Cop-speak/court-speak to cover up temporarily seizing an equal when the cop doesn't even know whether that equal is as little as probably guilty. Government openly acknowledges that numerous innocent equals are seized. The fallacy includes the underlying lie that the equal consented to be governed thus. Also, the term reasonable gives it a nice flavor.

Readers, please chip in.
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Regular Member
Mar 31, 2013
'back where I come from we did ...<blah blah blah>.......'

Then go the hell back there if it was so flippin' great :mad:

sudden valley gunner

Regular Member
Dec 13, 2008
Whatcom County
Gun crimes- there are no guns that commit crimes

Constitutional Rights-Constitution grants us no rights- I still use this though out of habit.

The misuse of "Society"-people misconstrue this with government


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
"For MY safety" "So, I can go home at the end of my shift" and all the variants that others us as an excuse to VIOLATE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PROTECT MYSELF WITH A FIREARM!

papa bear

Regular Member
Jul 25, 2010
mayberry, nc
GUN CONTROL , the only thing you control with a gun is hitting what you aim at

it is people control, or gun infringement.


Well-known member
Jan 6, 2010
Fairborn, Ohio, USA
"It could be worse."

Just because things aren't as bad as they could possibly get means that we shouldn't try to make them better?!?!?!?
[Froederick and Igor are exhuming a dead criminal]
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What a filthy job.
Igor: Could be worse.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: How?
Igor: Could be raining.
[it starts to pour]

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