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going to vermont saturday!


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May 21, 2006
imported post

jay75009 wrote:
yep, i had a local officer at my home for a B&E the day before, he saw 8 gun safes aganst the wall, next day ATF showed up with a warrant and wanted me to open all the safes to check if any were auto, and i have my class 4 so at least 5 of them are, they recorded the serial numbers and left.
BS flag thrown! Sorry to be so late into the fray.

"Typos" like this are too frequent on your part - that's the expected/normal excuse.

1) "at least 5 of them are" - meaning what....that you don't know exactly how many full auto guns you own? Please!

2) Full auto is class 3, not class 4.

3) You previously claimed two class 3 weapons on another post of the same time period - when asked about them, you backed up and provided info showing that they were not class 3 but semi-auto guns. Do you desire the quote? So are you now saying that you have purchased five (5) class 3 guns within a few days?

4) The guns you previously (also on similar date) claimed to own would easily fit in two normal size gun safes - not 8 required - and you previously stated they were not safes but cabinets. This quote is avail. too.

5) Since you claim to have been served with a warrant by ATF, you undoubtedly still have that collectors item - redact personal information and post here or it did not happen.

6) Same time period, you said that the guns were not in your home, but in your sister's basement.

We need a new more complete definition of "troll" to include those that put out BS stories without documentation and then yells and rants when someone challenges the facts or requests some small token of proof.

In your defense, I will say it must be difficult to keep all of your stories straight. :quirky

OCDO desires better than this and such as been pointed out to you before. :X

Yata hey