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Facebook Live Video Reportedly Captures Moments After Officer Shoots Minnesota Man


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Of the court houses I have seen none have allowed you to bring in recording devices. I assumed it was the norm.

I fought for the right to being in recording devices in CT. I was successful. You can now bring in recording devices into courthouses.

If you can use them inside active courtrooms is up to the judge(s). But I routinely use my recording devices inside courthouses. No need to inform of recording a face to face conversation in my state (yours may be different).

I get many gov't officials on tape lying to me via recording. Political fodder....

Of course, my viewpoint is that all recording is OK, regardless of where, when, how....I work to effect this being acknowledged by the .govs who hate America.
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Law abider

Regular Member
Aug 17, 2011
Ellsworth Wisconsin
My most recent non-consensual interaction with a cop was in 1977, almost forty years ago, in Lake City, SC, a Yankee-speeding ticket in my Porsche 911E.

I had two speeding tickets prior to that in Santa Clara County, California where I grew up.

From about 1969 when I enlisted I maintained a security clearance that allowed me aboard at sea under weigh as a civilian engineer consultant aboard strategic assets until retirement in 1995.

I still carry my Get Out of Jail cards from Charleston County, SC, signed by my PD Chief Roddy Perry RIP and incumbent Sheriff Al Cannon that I have known from our days in MENSA together.

Stop by cop in Lake City MN. Trying to pass a car speeding and slowing down multiple times. Occupants were probably admiring lake Pepin as Hwy 61 goes by it. No ticket. That's all. Otherwise my folder is empty. That was in 2013.