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Colorado carry with PA and Utah license


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Might i inquire if OC or CC as well as where ?

Only caveat I am sure you might need to beware of is no OC in Denver & Denver County and surrounding communities on the perimeter whose LEs wish to push the association of Denver’s ban.

Alternatively CO only recognizes PA resident permits/licenses

Further handgunlaw.us states, “Permits/Licenses. You must be a resident of the state they honor for your permit to be valid in Colorado”

Final, are you flying? If so flying out of DIA you will check your bag w/your firearm(s) with the carrier who then hands your bag to a baggage handler [read foreign national] to take it for inspection by TSA, who then hands you bag back to the baggage handler to put on a luggage belt. FOLLOW YOUR BAG!

From personal DIA experience, the handler ‘walked fast” [ran] to TSA, then took my bag from the agent and quickly headed to the front door w/my luggage instead of the airline counter i was flying on. When i hollared at him he turned and stopped abruptly and quickly dumped the bag down a another airline’s belt, turned and said ~ what? Of course no name tag on the individual nor LEs around to register a complaint.

Enjoy your holiday in CO.
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Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Yeah! Joy! Finally, after some three years, a post in the Colorado Forum!

(cough) Ok! Uh... Not a comprehensive list (just to the best of my memory):

Places where you can NOT OC:

- Denver County (synonymous with City of Denver). This includes the roadways leading to Denver International Airport and the airport itself.

- Public transportation (trains and buses)

- Public Libraries

- Within 1,000' of K-12 and higher education schools -- and there are schools all over the place, so use Google Maps and avoid 'em all

- Anywhere it's posted that OC or CC is prohibited, and yes, postings carry the weight of law. Violation is tresspass

- Courtrooms, Federal Buildings, Most Hospitals and ERs, Law Enforcement buildings, and anywhere there's a metal detector.


- You can OC in your vehicle anywhere you can legally drive your vehicle, even in Denver county, but you still cannot OC in your vehicle on K-12 schools (federal law).

As for CC: "Under Colorado law another state must honor Colorado's CCW permit before Colorado will honor the other states permit. Section CRS 18.12.213 of the law prevents Colorado from honoring any out-of-state Non-Resident permits, even if there is a reciprocity agreement between the states."

Here's the best reciprocity link I've found, but user beware: https://www.gunstocarry.com/gun-laws-state/colorado-gun-laws/