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A couple articles from my local news paper.


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Dec 18, 2008
Hubert, I didn't know you had a WI permit. :lol:

I really liked the article you wrote. :)


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Mar 5, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
UT Sporting Goods Stores Adaptive Response

While this does not readily apply to Wisconsin, the idea does. In Utah, the Big Box sporting stores (Cabelas, Sportsman's Warehouse, Scheels, etc.) have a unique sign that says basically - if you intend to unholster your legally carried firearm, other than to protect yourself or others from imminent harm, we ask that you allow our employees to clear the firearm and apply a lock. The sign is the result of an incident at a Cabelas in which a person removed his firearm from his holster to try a new holster and it negligently discharged (because he put his booger finger on the bang stick).

Wisconsin businesses would do well to adapt a similar policy.

Yellow Cat Out -


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Jan 8, 2010
in front of my computer, WI
I've seen those signs at Cablea's and Fleet Farm.
Have to say, though, that the Cabela's policy is full of :cuss:.
Why do they need my name in order to check that the pistol I'm bringing in is unloaded?
Completely unnecessary.

Why, after putting in a chamber flag and trigger lock, do they they prohibit me from handling my pistol while in the store?

I had to be babysat to the gun library, and once they were done there I still wasn't allowed to carry the unloaded & encased pistol to my car. He literally walked me one step out the door before handing it back. :mad: