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Recent content by NickNt

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    Rise in Pistol Permit Renewal cost!

    Have any of your guys heard about this? A rise from 70 to 300$! Surely this has to be voted on?
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    New NRA Basic Pistol Course

    What do you guys think of the new Phase 1 and Phase 2 basic pistol course set up?
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    Police department asking for additional information

    I am a recently certified NRA pistol instructor. Two students of mine came back to me and asked that I fill out a "Firearms Instructor & Class Information" sheet. This is a sheet that is not part of the application found on the state of CT website. Is this additional sheet of Information...
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    WIlton CT

    I hear that they require you to have an interview with the Police chief prior to obtaining your pistol permit. Can anyone verify this and also can anyone tell me if that is legal or not? Nick
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    Question about storing a firearm

    Obviously when you live somewhere, everyone in the house does not need to have a permit for your pistol, even if you leave the house to do errands and leave the gun home. And improper storage seems to target minors getting their hands on them, or even felons, or people who are not eligible to...
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    Protective & Restraining Orders

    What is the deal with these exactly? Anyone can get a protective order out on someone, wives do it all the time to their husbands when they are filing for divorce. My question is.....If someone was subject to a protective order (Which lasts until there is a hearing within 2 weeks I believe) or...
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    New Haven Police Conversation on 5/7

    Hi all, i'm sure some of you have seen me around, i post on threads here and there. Anyhow, i want to tell you about a conversation i had saturday night with a new haven police officer. I believe, not 100% sure, but i believe her name was Joanne, i don't know if i spelled it right. She told me...
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    Threaded Barrell?

    I know this is probably not the right place to ask this, but i figured this is as good as place as any to start. I'm thinking of going through the paperword and BATF and such to be able to buy a suppressor for my handgun. I want to get as many things done as possible before needing to go through...
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    Colt 1911 gun

    imported post Just curious, anyone in here looking to sell thier colt 1911 45 caliber gun?(assuming anyone has one and wishes to sell it)
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    Stamford Police

    imported post Does anyone know the Stamford Police Cheif email contact? I would like to email him to request the Stamford Police Departments stance on open carry etc.... but i can't find the email anywhere, just phone numbers.
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    Connecticut: Anti-Gun Bill to be Heard Wednesday, March 17!

    imported post Connecticut: Anti-Gun Bill to be Heard Wednesday, March 17! Please Contact Your State Legislators! [/i] A Public Hearing has been set for Wednesday, March 17, in the Joint Committee on Government Administration and Elections regarding Governor’s Bill 28. Introduced at the...
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    Pistol Permit for Business from out of state

    imported post Is it possible to get a NYS Pistol Permit for Target shooting if your business is out of state? For example, My parents own a Limo company, and i work for them, and we go to NYS alot, more so then in CT, which is where i currently live. Do i have to have a business that resides in...
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    imported post Did the final decision on the Goldberg case come out yet? What was the outcome?