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Recent content by jimd_21

  1. jimd_21

    Questionable actions by a fellow OC'er....

  2. jimd_21

    Plants need protection to....LMAO

  3. jimd_21

    Google Censorship?????

    I am a member and open carry as often as possible. I read the forum updates daily. I use google to watch posted video of open carry encounters. Until today! My normal google search did not return the same results. I tried different terms to get the video's i am use to seeing, but they never...
  4. jimd_21

    Is anyone in Boise attending this event?

    and if you are, will you OC? http://www.facebook.com/groups/291824394177194/
  5. jimd_21

    Cop makes $1 million bail....

  6. jimd_21

    Another reason to be armed in Idaho....

    These incidents are becoming much to common... http://www.localnews8.com/news/28950074/detail.html
  7. jimd_21

    Police Looking For Suspect In Moscow Shooting

    More reason to allow campus carry..... http://www.localnews8.com/news/28949529/detail.html
  8. jimd_21

    S.E. Idaho O.C. Report 8-7-2011

    Well the G.F. worked my butt off this morning and decided to clean up and go shopping this afternoon. So we took a break and cleaned up and headed north to Idaho Falls. We hit Sportsmans Warehouse... not one issue what so ever. Next was Bed Bath and Beyond.... Still no issue. Then it was TJ...
  9. jimd_21

    Twin Bridges Park in Madison County ID.

    Here is the letter i am sending via USPS to all 3 county commissioners regarding signage entering this park. Kinda upset cause this is a fav hunting ground for whitetail deer.
  10. jimd_21

    Man with Gun in Ammon not a threat.....

    Looks like after my incident and this one http://www.localnews8.com/news/28578197/detail.html, we have along way to go here in S.E. Idaho.
  11. jimd_21

    It finally happened......

    The Scene.... Blackfoot Pride Days. Today Saturday 7-16-2011. To let everyone one know, pride days is a celebration for the city of Blackfoot, ID. It is held at Jensen's Grove. A park in the city of Blackfoot, which has a nice man made lake.....playground equipment for kids....concrete skate...
  12. jimd_21

    Idiot of the Day......

    Man Arrested After Failed Citizen's Arrest http://www.localnews8.com/news/28395336/detail.html
  13. jimd_21

    Boise State University

    Ok this is to the people close to BSU. It has been said and proven in the Idaho House debate about HB0222 that open carry is legal on campus. The campus policy does not allow firearms. So...... why don't the open carry crowed do a protest on campus? they are not students so can't be expelled...
  14. jimd_21

    Idaho House Bill H222

    This morning the House State Affairs Committee listened to testimony for and against the Campus Concealed Carry Bill. The testimony took the entire scheduled meeting and will continue tomorrow morning at 7:45. They will continue with testimony and put it up for a vote, and continue with the rest...
  15. jimd_21

    News on Campus Carry in Idaho

    Posting this because the comments on the story are a good read lol. http://www.localnews8.com/news/27074087/detail.html