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Recent content by Claytron

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    Posts not showing up.

    When im not logged in none of my posts or threads that ive started show up. Does anyone know why?
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    ycfg falling plates

    Just got back from a day of shooting over at york country fish and game in Lyman and had a blast, anyone else been over there? They have falling plate matches every sunday, first two weeks is centerfire and the last two are rimfire, just tried my first one today and it was a lot of fun...
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    First time OCing/ Interesting story

    seeing how theres not a lot of action on this board i figured id post a bit about what happened today on my first day OCing. This may be wall-of-textish but bear with me its a long story. Today i went upstate to otisfield to fire off the first shots on my new glock19 and seeing as how...
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    Heavy handed moderation

    After reading Dreamer's thread its obvious that most of the things he said are probably true. Modding on this site has gotten to the point where you dont even need to break the rules to be modded, you just have to say something that someone doesnt like. BIG difference. Ive seen multiple...
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    Shooting in Maine

    After checking out a few different ranges around southern maine, i was curious if anyone has any experience with any of them? The two ive had my eye on, scarborough fish and game and falmout rod and gun club, both have varying membership fees, ranges, utilities etc.... as well as cost and...