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WVRecord - Wheeling police sued for harassing open carriers


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Aug 7, 2007
Granite State of Mind
It is not their money that was paid out - it came from the tax payers pockets. Personal liability is the answer and/or a court order to change policies and procedures.

If the taxpayers care, they will change the city government. If they don't, they get the bill.


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Jan 21, 2013
Nitro, WV
Each time they pay out, they have to either live with the reduction of budget, or they have to propose an additional levy. To propose the additional levy usually requires a vote, and political ramifications. They can't just raise taxes willy nilly. Eventually, the mayor, or his/her replacement will fire the police chief and possibly some of the officers. It has ramifications to them also, it isn't just a "people's" money ordeal. You know a mayor can't just go ask for money without an explanation, and if that mayor has to explain why the police force needs more money, in a public forum, chances are, he/she will be rebutted by the other side.

I mean think about it, even many of the "school levies" aren't passing. The "for the kids" argument isn't even working anymore.
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Mar 22, 2012
The High Plains of Wyoming
Originally Posted by jdmm72
Looks like it's over. No change, just a monetary donation for the violation of civil rights....


How stupid can these people possibly be?

They have just paid $55,000 to settle a lawsuit, and admitted that they aren't going to change the way they operate their department.

Seems to me that's an engraved invitation for Open Carriers to line up in Wheeling for 5-digit payoffs! Wow.

How many OC dinners and lunches will be scheduled for Wheeling in the next six months?


Damn! If I weren't 1,500 miles away I'd be packing the truck right now!!!!!!