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Would a week dedicated to Open Carry be useful?


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
That's pretty neat Grapeshot, but, would you say in your opinion that "the majority" of participants at your weekly events ONLY OC at those events and nowhere else through the rest of the week?

Would you say it's possible that MOST members use these events to sate their OC for the week and then lock their gun away until next week? Wouldn't weekly events like this be "enabling", in a negative way?

What I propose with an Open Carry Week is an observance of National attention. Where people are slapped OUT of their routine and not put into one. A spectacle that targets more common folk and new "members" rather than catering to the old.

How many new faces have you seen at the last 4 weekly meetings? If it's anything like our ham radio club, probably zero or 1?
I can say with personal knowledge that all who can OC 24/7 - a few are restricted by work. None lock their guns away until next week.

You must understand that it is not about us. It is about those that see us and the great conversations we have with them. Self defense yes. Education, most definitely!

Buffet line restaurants work well. One of my favorite places is Golden Corral - the exposure/advertisement is fantastic. While the staff from manager to servers know me/us well, there are hundreds of "new faces" seeing freedom in action each time I go there, whether alone or in a group.

Take the ball and put together an Open Carry Week - would like to see how you do that. Coordinating with national organizations and getting their endorsement et al. Recognize that failure to accomplish your goal(s) will backfire on you.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to do what we do best - being good ambassadors of OC, RKBA, and the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Amendment.........52 weeks per year.

Wild Dog

Jun 5, 2015
Planet Earth
To the OP. An open carry week is a brilliant idea. So many groups get their own month, we deserve at least a week.