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Updating the map on the main page?

Anner J. Bonilla

New member
Nov 1, 2012
Puerto Rico
I am from Puerto Rico and was looking at the map on the front page and noticed it's outdated.
I took the liberty of categorizing puerto rico on the different maps.

Puerto Rico = non permissive
Puerto Rico = no unlicensed carry
Puerto Rico = N/A
Puerto Rico = Concealed carry generally legal(administration may forbid weapons but is not a legal violation you would just get expelled nothing more) - OC prohibited
Puerto Rico = Concealed carry allowed
Puerto Rico = Not legal for civilian possession
Puerto Rico = Legal (the person must be licensed by the state and you must submit in 10 days a form to the police department so your gun in the registry get's updated to the new owner.)
Puerto Rico = Carry not staturorily prohibited
Puerto Rico = Requires registration of all longuns and handgnus
No grace period you cant have posesssion if you dont have a license (they must be turned to the police deposit while you get a license (4 months))
Puerto Rico = Constitutional carry not yet available.

Ill work on updating this forum with more legal information regarding to Puerto Rico.