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Treasure State Arms Open Carry BBQ 7/26/14


Campaign Veteran
May 6, 2011
Cross posted from a MT site.


Fellow Montana gun enthusiasts, it's about time for the 3rd annual Treasure State Arms open carry BBQ! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 26th 2014. 2:00 PM at Bozeman Pond in Bozeman, MT.

The Open Carry BBQ is a great opportunity for local gun owners to get together with like-minded people. We encourage you open carry your side arm if you choose to do so! And if you have any firearms or accessories you want to buy/sell/trade feel free to bring em!

This will be a potluck style BBQ. We will provide the meat, buns, condiments, plates, silverware, cups etc. Please bring a side dish, salad, or dessert, or maybe some chips / soda.

Make sure to like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/treasurestatearms and join the statewide discussion/classifieds forums at www.TreasureStateArms.com so you can see any updates!! And don't forget to get registered for the .22 ammo giveaway! (details on the forums). We look forward to seeing you all at the BBQ!

** Sponsored by Red Dawn Tactical **


Regular Member
Mar 25, 2013
To far for me to travel. It would be cool if there was a guest showing to support OC, like an NRA spokesperson, county sheriff, state congress person to give verbal support to 2nd amendment rights and expansion of them for Montana.

I would travel to see and hear from Krayton Kerns who sponsored HB 304, and whether he plans to make further efforts to get it passed. http://www.kraytonkerns.org/

Has offers been made to invite such guests?