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Thread Closure Question


Regular Member
Aug 18, 2013
I haven't encountered over-moderation on OCDO. Very informative and have learned a lot from others' experiences, including strategies to acquaint owners/managers of my current haunts w upcoming ability/reality of OC in Texas next year.

Have experienced very little off-topic rancor - working very well for my purposes.

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Apr 2, 2007
Southeast, Missouri, USA
I've been on this forum for a little while and posted one or two things in that time and have never been "moderated" by anyone publicly or in PM. I've had moderators and admins discus something with me in PM before, but only as a furtherance of the thread discussion and never with any admonishment. So I guess I am just not seeing a problem.

I have seen a few threads where I thought the moderator was a little quick to pull the trigger on locking, but then, having moderated at busy forums myself, I know that looking at things from the perspective of a good moderator sometimes means anticipating a problem from experience and just shutting things down before it gets to that point. Despite absences due to life and business demanding my time, I've stuck around OCDO more actively and longer than most any other forum. Overall I think it is well run and a valuable asset to the 2A community.


Regular Member
Aug 7, 2007
Granite State of Mind
Agreed: this was a necro-thread, but since it's active again, let's air grievances.

Here's my issue (or was, back over two years ago when I last commented, and was much more active): threads were locked or posts deleted without warning. No one knew who was doing it, so there was no recourse for discussion via PM.

"Admin" can be Mike, or John. Can it be anyone else? We don't know. Grapeshot now wears the title of "Super Moderator", but I don't think that's always been the case (that his title was displayed, not whether he had the power). Are there other moderators, "Super" or not? We don't know. To whom do we complain?

Neither Mike nor John have been hands-on participants for quite a few years now, which is fine. If they're moderating behind the scenes, that's fine, too, but it would be nice to know who's doing what. I've sent PMs to both of them in the past, letting them know that they seem to have a moderator who is both personally participating in the discussions, and using moderator powers to shut down opinions that weren't going his way.

And that's not cool. Using moderator powers to end a discussion in which the moderator is a participant is just taking your ball and going home because you don't like the way the game is going.

Did I just disclose the contents of PMs? Yes, effectively: I told the forum what I told someone privately. I didn't disclose any responses, and I do not believe the spirit of that rule forbids anyone from copying and pasting verbatim what they said to someone else via PM, only disclosing PMs that are received.

My main gun forum now is regional, but extremely busy. If you don't check in at least once a day, you'll miss threads that exceed the 750 max returned under "view new posts" (I remember when OCDO was almost that busy). Moderators there are also involved in the give-and-take, but I emphasize that they take as well as give. There's the one, single, "Admin", and multiple moderators, and if one happens to exceed his authority over getting his feelings hurt, someone else will be along soon to correct it.

This might say it all:


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