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The ATF has issued an open letter on the stabilizing brace issue


Regular Member
Apr 7, 2013
Well, you could hold it up 'by' your shoulder but not touching it. You could brace in your hip - nothing in there about 'hipping it', right?

MSG Laigaie

Campaign Veteran
Jan 10, 2011
Philipsburg, Montana
People like this guy below in the attorney's original article that post pictures of them using it as a stock and with a VFG attached? plain stupid.
View attachment 12341

The weapon displayed was a pistol with a sig brace. Very legal

Now add the foregrip and you have an SBR if the total length of the device is under the "magic" twenty six inch rule.

Now shoulder the brace as a stock and you have done it again.

Now be a complete and total duma$$ and post commercial video of you breaking a handful of batf "rules" effectively poking the bloody bear.

Folks the brace, sig or otherwise, are legal. Enough said, mind your own business and use the tools within their limitations. Otherwise you run the risk of losing them.