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SB 187 - Kentucky Senator Danny Carroll's Anti-2A Bill


Regular Member
Oct 8, 2006
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Here's the email that I sent to Benton Kentucky's District 2 Kentucky senator, chastising him for his unconstitutional anti-gun bill.

Shame on you for attempting to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms for all Kentuckians aged 18 to 20. It's a shame that politicians are protected from prosecution by sovereign immunity because I believe this should qualify you for prosecution under USC 42 Section 1985, because this bill is a conspiracy to interfere with civil rights. The very anti-gun 9th Circuit Court has already ruled that depriving 18-20 year olds from owning a rifle is a violation of the second amendment, and calling a manufactured firearm for sale at a retail store a "modified weapon" doesn't change that, no matter how much you don't like how it looks.

I'm sure you realize that SB 187 has no chance of passing in Kentucky, but you look like a Fudd for proposing it. Fudd is a reference to Elmer Fudd and is a commonly used term for someone who believes they support the second amendment but thinks it protects the right to hunt. It doesn't. Here's a link to a short video of an infamous Fudd who, as a sitting NRA board member, was recommending a five round magazine limit for every American except the police and military, which is the antithesis of our second amendment.

(2 minute video)

You should listen to what Thomas Massie had to say in the US House of Representatives about denying the right to bear arms to 18-20 year old Americans and rethink your position.

(The entire 6 minutes is good, but I linked to the comments relevant to your unconstitutional bill)

He replied, saying he was unapologetic about trying to do stop mass shootings.

Here's his legislator's info page.

I can't imagine that this Republican senator is representing his constituents in western Kentucky.