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Saw another OC yesterday


Regular Member
Aug 8, 2008
South Bend, Indiana, USA
Went down to Indy to see a friend yesterday. We went to the Gander Mtn in Castleton, I think, to take a look at some guns because he wanted to get one. He hasn't shot much before and never owned a gun. We looked at their glocks & xds. I was concealing because we had just been to the mall.

I actually saw a guy OCing a Glock. He said it was a 10mm. I think it was a model 20. That's the full size, right? Anyway, I commented "Nice open carry" or something like that. He didn't really seem to know what I was talking about and he said he usually conceals, but had a hard time concealing that one. I said no problem; don't apologize for it, and I often open carry as well, but not then since I was just at the mall.


Regular Member
Nov 10, 2011
Evansville, IN
Ah yes, the infamous "gun shop carry."

These are often people who want to "look cool" while perusing a gun shop so they will flip their shirt over their gun and walk around awhile until they are ready to leave and then the shirt comes back down. I've seen it several times here in Evansville and Gander Mtn seems to be the worst at it.

I could be wrong, and maybe it is an elitist attitude but I think its dumb.

Oh, one more thing... How much more ironic than an OCer who is concealing meets a CCer who is OCing? ;)