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Purchashed the Glock 19X Model!


Activist Member
Sep 28, 2010
Lenexa, Kansas
Have to say I love this gun and I can easily open/conceal this thing without a problem. The trigger is extremely nice, it shoots great just out of the box! I was slightly questioning myself on why I became interested in this Glock out of the blue. I went to my local gun shop and saw it, bought it! Went to the range and did hip fire, cover fire, drills, etc. Went through over 500 rounds without a single jam or failure. Now I do realize there is quite a bit of hate with this particular model and what people rather would've wanted. Obviously full size grip and short frame at first doesn't make any sense. I personally think the barrel length overall is great for open carry or conceal carry. I consider it in the middle when it comes to something full size but not huge. This model and the Sig P320 model was designed to be used for the military or LEO. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Sig won the contract and Glock lost. So Glock is recovering it's costs with selling this 19X model. Overall it's awesome!

You can conceal carry this easily, I'm doing it currently and have zero issues. Reason for me is I'm starting back in school and they allow conceal carry on campus and for the life of me I couldn't find a conceal carry pistol I liked. Frames were an issue as I have large hands, even the M&P Shield 2.0 grip was too small for me. With the amount of rounds this gun can carry makes it great too! At first I question half my expensive purchases as I seem to count every single penny I spend. But I've been rewarding myself with new toys as I noticed I barely reward myself from time to time. I'm 6ft 3 and slim/mild muscular build and I can easily conceal carry this thing with an Alien Holster under my shirt and it doesn't even make a print. I got to start rewarding myself more, haven't had this much fun with a new purchase in a quite a long time.

"Don't mind the title, I just now saw the error"
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Firearms Iinstuctor

Regular Member
Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
Glad you like your new pistol.

My latest is a 6 inch 686.

Open or concealed it works just fine.

I been carrying it when I run the bear baits.

No one out there to see it anyway.