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Public safety committee deciding on gun control bills today -- watch it live


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Mar 7, 2013
The committee recessed at 12:15.

Note: By saying PASSED below, that means that a bill was voted out of committee as "joint favorable" -- a recommendation that the entire legislature vote yes on the bill. "PASSED (consent)" means that the committee bound a bunch of bills together and voted on them all with a single vote.

SB299 - Communications bill: PASSED :: Notes: Witkos voted against it saying that while it looks good on paper, it would put too big a burden on police forces.

SB506 - Background checks for all firearms sales: PASSED (consent) -- NOTES :: Rep. Rovero actually objected to the section that excepted transfers between family members. He said that background checks should be done for every transfer and that parents often don't know the background of their own children. It became clear from the debate that those who voted for this bill have no idea how a background check is performed, how gun owners/sellers would be given the tools they need to perform those background check, or what impact it would have on gun owners/sellers. They all acknowledged that it was the minimum that should be done in response to Sandy Hook.

SB710 - Permits for gun shows: PASSED (consent) NOTES :: Rovero thought that the definition of a "gun show" (i.e. sale of 50 or more guns) was too broad. He did not realize that the definition was already in existence. Witkos thought this bill would require family to get permits to pass firearms down if they pass down more than 10. He proposed an amendment to except transfers between family members or through an estate.

SB897 - Change criminal BAC level to 0.08 while carrying: PASSED (consent)

SB969 - Fees for background checks: Sent to Finance committee NOTES :: The committee voted to send it to the finance committee because it involved new fees. Witkos voted against it.

All other gun bills (including 1076) will be voted on at 11:00 on Thursday.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
I so much as expected this .. rubber stamp "PASS".

I did hear that bills introduced passed their deadlines means that they automatically extended the deadlines ... per a CT supreme court case .. I'm still searching for ..

299, 506, 710 are committee bills ... bills whose origins as proposed bills were voted to to become committee bills on 7 FEB 13 --- during a meeting that I do not think was properly noticed per our FOIA act. I have a complaint before the FIC on these.

The others are raised bills ...

So of all of them, 897 has a smooth sail to the floors of the house and senate (assuming everything in this post is accurate)

506 is BR chk AND registration ... IMO But it appears only to apply to SELLERS, not buyers ...
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