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Pending gun bans


Regular Member
Oct 25, 2011
Eastpointe Michigan
Why is no one talking about the gun bans the communists currently have pending in Michigan? I can find almost nothing on them and people seem silent. They are attempting to pass “universal background checks” (I.E. a ban on private sales), “safe storage laws” (a ban on keeping guns loaded and ready for self defense and requiring “safe storage” even when not necessary), and a red flag law (confiscation with no due process), and the “universal background checks” hve already passed the house!

Scary Guy

New member
Jun 22, 2022
Detroit, MI
IMO there should be organized protests against this. Charter a bus to Lansing. Call and complain. Go to the public lunches and meet/greets that they have.

Some of these people have their minds made up and nothing will change that, but we can still try to talk some sense into those who might actually listen to reason.

But the media isn't saying anything about it because they want it to happen without incident. If it passes crime goes up since criminals will feel emboldened. That makes for a better news day in the future which is all they really care about. Even the local Fox affiliate is silent because it's a Democratic area and they know where their bread is buttered.