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OT: interesting encounter at IP casino Biloxi, with bonus!

Slidell Jim

Regular Member
Sep 29, 2009
Slidell, La
Off topic; I was not OC at the time, but it is firearm related.

The wife and I drove over to stay the night at IP in Biloxi this past Thursday. I had removed my holster and placed my firearm (still in holster) on the center console for the drive. I usually do this for long rides as it's more comfortable, and easier access to the firearm (should i need it while driving down I-10 at 75mph?, i dunno) and not encumbered under me seatbelt. We arrive to check-in, and valet park. Just as we approach the valet, I moved my gun to the floorboard between my feet, and think "i need to get this into my suitcase instead of strapping up". So the valet comes to the window and asks a few questions like "checking-in?" and "last name?" I got out and got the suitcase and came back up to the drivers door, all within 20-30 seconds. The valet has stepped into the doorway, filling out the card, checks the key is in the ignition, then he sees it. "Mr SlidellJim, your gonna have to take the heat with you!", he says aloud. Now I'm standing right behind him, within 3 ft, with my suitcase in hand. He passes back out of the way, I step into the doorway and I quickly retrieve my fire arm and place it into the top pouch of the bag I'm carrying. I turn around and he is talking with another valet just a few feet away. At this point my wife is out of the valet line and waiting near the door, and all I want to do is meet her, but the valet and the other start making nervous conversation. Both are talking simutaniously about the fact that I have a gun, and legalities, and hotel policy, ect. One says "with your carry permit, thats fine.", the other says "you must take that to the front desk and have them lock it up.", now I'm just smiling, nodding a "yes", and turning towards the door. I make it across the cabby line and meet my wife, just as I hear "Mr. SLIDELL JIM!" from behind me. Great, now what! "Here, you for got your valet check, have a great stay at the IP." We go ahead inside and get in line at the front desk. I'm a bit nervous, expecting the security guards to come check me out or what ever. Tell me "it's ok in your room, but done carry on the casino floor" or something.... but nothing... within a few minutes we check in, drop our bags in the room, and head back down for dinner.

We got a regular $79.95 room and booked online for the %10 discount. $72.24 i think for the night. At the check in, the desk clerk very casually says, "I had to upgrade your room." as he hands me the keys. As we walked to the elevator my wife excitedly said "maybe we have a good view of the ocean." I check the room number, 2906, "yeah on the 29th floor, its probably a good view" When we got in the elevator, it wouldn't let me press 29 until i swiped my key, I knew something was up. The doors open to a very short hallway, only 6 doors, and our room was the first one! The FREAKING PIMP-DADDY PENTHOUSE! ! ! It's huge and gorgeous, 3 rooms (the entertaining room, bedroom, master bathroom), kitchen, bar room (more than a wetbar), 2 bathrooms. It was bigger than the first house we owned in Slidell. 3 TVs in the master bath, full entertainment center, robes in the closets, 2 stand up showers and a jacuzzi, lots of extra bathroom amenities (that you usually have to get at the front desk), stocked mini fridge (not your typical Holiday-Inn stuff either, I'm talking Petron, Nob-Creek and Grey Goose). We had dinner, never hit the casino, and back to the room. I laid in the jacuzzi and drank cheap beer (that we brought of course) and watched South Park on the big screen over the tub before retiring into the 1000 thread count bed sheets. Great night!!! We tried to look up what they normally get for a room like that, but the rates are "call for availability" only. I guess they probably charge over $500/night.