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Open Carry On Your Own Property?


Nov 13, 2016
Norwell, MA
I've seen the post for Open Carry in MA. I live in Massachusetts on the south shore. My neighbor has a pure breed Doberman that seems to think my property is his. For three years I've been in contention with him about his dog rushing at me when I open my door and walk to my car. They are about 100 yards from my house on a dirt road. I've had the animal control officer come and visit him many times, but he just ignores it.

Now... I understand there are laws requiring dog owners to have control over their animal... keep them on a leash or something. But he keeps thumbing his nose at me and the law. I have no idea if he has been fined but I would venture to guess... NO. Or he probably wouldn't keep allowing this.

I have my 84 year old mother with me as well. Since they moved in 3 years ago I've felt like a prisoner in my own home unable to take care of my property or even walk down my road without fear of my neighbors dog attacking me or my mother.

So, I'm going to start carrying my gun with me open carry from now on... maybe even my shot gun. I just want to be sure if I do and my neighbor calls the cops about me brandishing my gun that I won't get in trouble with the law. I need to know the law concerning this... and my right to protect myself and mother when I go out in my own yard form my neighbor Doberman.

So... do anyone know the law on this concerning open carry on my own property?



Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Open carry in Massachusetts requires a pemit.

Firearms and feeding devices for firearms are divided into classes. Depending on the class, a firearm identification card (FID or “card”), class A license or class B license is required to possess, purchase, or carry a firearm, ammunition therefor, or firearm feeding device, or “large capacity feeding device.”1 One’s home or place of business is not exempt from the FID or class A or B license requirements."


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
query...do you have a website regarding this neighbour & dog?