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On our way

Matthew J. Willis

Regular Member
Mar 25, 2014
Augusta, GA.
We will be moving to Rapid City in a couple of weeks. From this excellent site I have gotten the high-points on OC as I have done since '09.
As I understand it, OC is protected by state constitution. State is preemptive. MUST have CCP for motorcycle (not sure where this comes from).
My questions are regarding signs, are they legal or can they be ignored? (I understand you must leave if asked by owner or owner's rep. or face trespassing.)
Second is are you required to surrender firearm to LEO if asked "for their safety and mine" if I am NOT being charged with crime?
I am going to be getting in depth with laws but do not have the time right now as moving preps are well underway.
ANY advise is greatly appreciated on something that is obscure or I may have misunderstood.
We are excited!