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Oc in milton

jeff niles

Regular Member
May 4, 2010
Milton, WI
Last night i was oc in milton with my xdm-9mm and german shepard,a cop went by but i dont think he seen my gun,then on the way back a cop pulled in to ace hard ware parking lot turned around and stoped at the side walk,i walked 2 feet in front of his car gun on his side, i didnt look at him i just keep walking the dog he didnt say a thing i was shocked? he never said any thing.


Founder's Club Member
Dec 13, 2007
Wisconsin, USA
No reason to be shocked at all.

This is EXACTLY what should happen when you are just walking the dog. Carrying isn't supposed to play a role at all.

It tells us that LEO is getting the message and following the law.