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NRA Election Meetings Lakewood/Issaquah Oct 12&13 6:30 RSVP


Regular Member
Aug 10, 2012
Ok everyone, got some news. If you are able, next week on Wednesday and Thursday there are NRA ILA election meetings in Lakewood and Issaquah.

Lakewood Election Action Meeting
Wednesday, October 12th
Best Western Motor Inn
6125 Motor Ave SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Issaquah Election Action Meeting
Thursday, October 13th
Holiday Inn Express
1801 12th Ave NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

Here is their blurb:
Join NRA on Thursday, October 13th for an important Election Action Meeting! Come to the Issaquah Holiday Inn Express at 6:30pm to learn how you can actively assist in our efforts to elect pro-gun candidates into office on November 8th. With the threat of further gun control legislation being introduced during the 2017 Legislative Session, there has never been a more important time than now to mobilize in defense of our Second Amendment rights.

At this meeting you'll learn how to actively participate in our campaign efforts, including knocking on doors to educate voters about our NRA-PVF endorsed candidates. If you have a smart phone or tablet, please bring them fully charged! Light refreshments and free NRA materials will be provided to all attendees.

For more information, please contact Grassroots Field Coordinator Keely Hopkins at 703-939-0824 or keely@nrailafrontlines.com.
In addition to helping elect pro-gun candidates, we need to reiterate to the NRA that this does NOT help with anti-gun initiatives, such as 1491 and now WACeasefire's AWB.

We know they've thrown in the towel on 1491 however we need to hammer home to them that we expect 2-3 million MINIMUM on the AWB. My advice is record their answers on this so we can publish it on the net as extra pressure to get the organization to spend money here.
Also, print off this article and bring it with you to show them it wasn't that long ago when they were quite willing to drop big money in WA to stop an initiative:

But the National Rifle Association has made it clear that it will not be bypassed in this fight. The association has said it will broadcast as many as five television advertisements for every one broadcast by supporters of the initiative.

“We will spend whatever it takes to defeat this attack on personal freedom,” Metaksa said. “The battle has certainly shifted to the states, and our members want us to be there fighting the fight.”

If the NRA reps try telling you that they can't outspend Bloomberg and Gates and Allen, remind them that even being outspent 10 to 1 we took 594 down from polling at 72% to passing at 59%. If we had only been outspent 5 to 1 we would have won. We don't need them to match Bloomberg and the billionaires dollar for dollar. Plus, the AWB doesn't even poll as well as 594 did starting out. The tiny, biased surveymonkey poll that Ceasefire used barely broke 60%. We can take down the AWB, it is very doable.

If you can make it, please go, we need to get this done.