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Non-Res Permit question?


Lone Star Veteran
Sep 28, 2008
Aggieland, Texas, USA
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Given the expense, time lapse, requirements, hoops, etc involved in getting a Texas CHL, I have been considering getting a 'Non-Resident Permit' from a 'friendly' shall issue state.

So far my research shows that Virginia might be one of the best/easiest/fastest states to get this permit from. However, Other than requesting a 'packet', filling out the form, and sending in finger prints, I don't know what else is involved and if there are any restrictions or how often I will need to renew it.

Also, I noticed another potential problem with a non-res permit and that is that a handful of states "only honor permits from residents of the issuing states" These states are: **Colorado (CO), Michigan (MI), South Carolina (SC), New Hampshire (NH), Florida (FL), Kansas (KS) and West Virginia (WV)
I take it that that means that I cannot carry (unless unlicensed open carry is allowed) in these states if I don't get a Texas CHL? That isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but I am curious as there are a couple of states there that I am likely to travel to for personal reasons (as opposed to simply driving to/through as part of my job)

Here are the questions in 'short version':
-Has anybody here done this/have any experience with the VA Non-Res permit"
-Anyone do this with a different state permit that might be better than VA?
-Any thoughts/clarification on the not honoring of non-res permits?
-Anyone have an issue carrying in their state (particularly residents of Texas) on a -Non-Res permit issued by another state?
-What is the cost of the VA Non-Res permit? Other states?

I'm sure I will have more questions, but I think this is enough for now.


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Mar 23, 2007
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I don't know about VA particularly, but Florida permits are recognized in 33 states, IIRC, and all but 6 of them accept the non-resident permit. They cost $117 for non-residents and I think they extended them to being valid for 7 years. I'm considering getting one myself.