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No more Drone assisted hunting in Alaska

Baked on Grease

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Jul 4, 2011
Sterling, Va.
Question... how do they define 'drone' for the purposes of this ruling? To me a drone is autonomous to a certain extent, to others a drone is simply unmanned but is still controlled by remote...

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May 30, 2012
Alaska (ex-Colorado)
Did you read the article?

"Hunting big game in Alaska with the help of remote-controlled, camera-equipped aircraft will be illegal later this year when new regulations take effect."

So I'm guessing, it's a remote-controlled, camera-equipped aircraft. But I'm not an expert... just messing.

Thing is, hunting in AK is different from hunting everywhere else. It's a livelihood that both natives and people rely on. I'm all for hunting, but as the article mentions, if you make it too easy to hunt with $1000 toys, then the subsistence and native hunters will be shut out of the game. There's a lot of tradition up here and much of it relies on making the hunt even. That and a lot of hunters up here are already pretty pissed when outsiders come up and try to "lazy-boy" hunt. IE, "tell me where to go, where's the easiest place to hunt, I don't know what I'm doing and I don't want to track anything..." That kind of thing. Lot of the hunters up here believe that you put in the effort or you get out. So it's probably a popular regulation up here.


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Jun 15, 2013
North Dakota
So if it's a manned aircraft we can fire from it for hunting in Alaska!? :lol: That's probably illegal too. :-(
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Nov 5, 2015
Anchorage Alaska
Reviving this thread as I am new to the forum

First looking at the state fish and game regs A LOT of the "NORMAL " equipment for the lower 48 is not allowed up here:
this is a pdf of the current game laws(Through 06/30/2016)TABLE OF CONTENTS IS ON PAGE 6:
for those of us that have folks coming up it would be a kind thing to do if we directed them to this site for their enlightenment. That gives every one a chance to READ IT FOR THEMSELVES rather than BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO.
PAGES 18, 19, and 20 are the RESTRICTIONS IN GENERAL
This is a small part of page 18 that addresses some of what started this thread.
General hunting restrictions
for all game

You MAY NOT take game by:
• Using a pit, fire, laser sight, electronically-enhanced
night vision scope, any device that has been airborne,
controlled remotely and used to spot or locate game with
the use of a camera or video device,
radio communication,
cellular or satellite telephone, artificial salt lick, explosive,
expanding gas arrow, bomb, smoke, deer urine, elk urine,
or chemicals, EXCEPT:
-- Scent lures without deer or elk urine may be used for
ungulates, and for bears ONLY under a black bear baiting
-- Rangefinders may be used.
-- Electronic calls may be used for all game animals except
-- Communications equipment may be used for safety; they
may not be used to aid in taking of game.
-- In the Unit 20D bison hunt, the use of ground-based radio
communications, including cellular or satellite phones, to
locate bison is allowed.
• Using artificial light, EXCEPT:
-- Artificial light may be used while tracking and
dispatching a wounded game animal, however a hunter may
not be on or in a motorized vehicle while using artificial
-- Artificial light may be used by resident hunters taking
black bear under customary and traditional use activities at
a den site Oct. 15-Apr. 30 in Unit 19A, Unit 19D upstream
from the Selatna and Black River drainages, and Units 21B,
21C, 21D, 24, and 25D.
Communication equipment may not be used in the
taking of game, or to aid in the taking of game,
except for ground-to-ground communication for
locating bison in Unit 20D.
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May 30, 2012
Alaska (ex-Colorado)
View attachment 12847

Now what I am I supposed to do with my Apache helicopter modified to operate remotely?

Well, you were out of luck before the drone ruling anyway. Alaska hunting regulations state:

"You MAY NOT take game by:
• Using a helicopter for hunting or for transporting hunters,
hunting gear, game meat, trophies, or any equipment
used to pursue or retrieve game, EXCEPT: helicopter use
may be authorized to rescue hunters, gear, or game in a lifethreatening

Always know your regulations before you start planning. ;)