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Nice to be in Kentucky


Regular Member
Feb 19, 2009
Olive Hill, Kentucky, USA
It is nice to read the Kentucky forum and see post of a more informative nature rather than the constant legal battles over guns that are so common in other state forums.

On a different matter, I see that the Mitchell case was not among those released this month, will most likely be late Marchl now.

Now to a sore spot. I wish the original posters would keep us informed of the updates of their post, especially the gun/legality issues. Even if it is to say "Nothing new so far".
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Regular Member
Aug 21, 2011
Lexington, ky
Yes sir, if everyone was a good about posting updates as you are it would be nice.

No offense and not trying to sound like an A-hole, not everyone has time to update in here. Myself, between working 2 jobs and fighting this legal BS in Florence, rarely have time to even get on here and read up on other stories. But I do try and keep everyone updated, although I do realize I haven't in quite a while and I apologize for that.