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Jun 25, 2007
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Hey everyone Names stefhan and just curious on the rules of OC in and around Newark.. I live near Christiana High School and often head into downtown Newark... Does Newark have laws against OC? Being 22 and covered in tattoos will not help me blend in esp if i have a glock .45 on the hip. Also does having a Mil ID smooth things over or will it be the usual.."Sir put your hands up get down and kiss the ground"



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Mar 24, 2007
Kent county, Delaware, USA
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Try here:



1 Cross reference--As to police offenses generally, see Ch. 22.

State law references: As to weapons generally, see 11 Del. Code Anno. §§ 451 et seq. (1953); 24 Del. Code Anno. §§ 401 et seq. (1953).

Sec. 31-3. Carrying concealed weapons; display of weapon.4


4 State law reference--As to carrying concealed deadly weapons, see 11 Del. Code Anno. § 461 (1953).

Decisional law reference--As to definition of "deadly weapons", see State v. Jones, 22 Del. 174 (1906). As to burden of proving license for concealed weapon, see State v. Sockum, 29 Del. 350 (1917).


No person shall, within the city, carry, wear under his clothes, conceal about his person, or display in a threatening manner, any dangerous or deadly weapons, including, but not by way of limitation, any pistol, revolver, dagger, razor, sling shot, knuckles of lead or brass or other metal, any bowie knife or any knife resembling a bowie knife, or any knife with a switch blade or device whereby the blade or blades can be opened by a flick of a button, pressure on the handle, or other mechanical contrivance.

(Code 1959, Ch. 5, § 703)

Sec. 2-71. Rules and regulations for the use of parks owned by the City of Newark.

(j) No person shall have in his/her possession a knife having a blade of three inches or longer in length, a BB gun, air rifle, pistol, pellet gun, firearm, bow and arrow, or any other type of lethal weapon in any park. These prohibitions do not apply to programs conducted or sanctioned by the City of Newark.

2 Editor's note--Ord. No. 88-15, enacted June 27, 1988, deleted former Art. VII, §§ 2-71--2-77, relative to parks and recreation, and enacted, in lieu thereof, a new Art. VII, §§ 2-71--2-77, as herein set out. Former Art. VII was derived from Ord. No. 70-21, 5-12-70; Ord. No. 76-19, 4-26-76; Ord. No. 76-25, adopted 5-24-76.