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New member in Arkansas


New member
Apr 1, 2012
Rogers, AR
I didn't see a good place to introduce myself, so I guess I'll do it here since I reside in the northwest corner of the People's Republik of Arkansas. I'm debating the decision to get a concealed license (call me paranoid, but I'm not overly comfortable with voluntarily giving up my finger prints to the state :eek:), though I'd rather see an open carry option be passed in Little Rock. In case someone is curious, I've already signed the online petition.



Regular Member
Jun 27, 2010
Colorado Springs. CO
Welcome to the open carry movement the_rog.

Understanding your 4A concerns about government probes. Unfortunately concealed carry is generally considered a privilege in the U.S. Open carry offers some very interesting angles of approach to other constitutional issues throughout this land.

I say this because the notorious bearing of arms (openly) puts the 2A on public display. Government mandated concealment of the exercise of the RIGHT TO BE ARMED IN CASE OF CONFRONTATION is now a clear violation of the 2A according to the Heller/McDonald decisions.

Why is that the case ? Because the SCOTUS in Heller/McDonald excluded concealed carry from the 2A right that shall not be infringed.
Therefore open carry may no longer be prohibited. Are you paying attention down there in Austin, OK City, Little Rock, Sacramento , Springfield, et al ?