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Motor Vehicle Handgun Placement

Does a bear shìt in the woods?

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Jun 14, 2014
McCordsville, IN
How does everyone here carry in their vehicle? Do any of you have a certain place to put your sidearm? Do you prefer to keep it on your waist? I have a paddle holster, and I wedge it between my driver and middle seat of my standard cab Silverado. I have it so it's tight enough to not be dislodged and I can remove it from the holster with my thumb easily. But when the cup holder/arm rest down, it presses firmly against it, and I have to wiggle between it to get a proper grip. Yet, it is still easier to access then when I have it on my hip, with that damn seat belt in the way. I've wondered if someone sells a handgun rack/mount to keep your weapon handy, yet out of the way of obstructions. :confused: If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. :cool:

1245A Defender

Regular Member
Jul 7, 2009
north mason county, Washington, USA

their are many screw on holsters for cars...
I am a lefty, and carry cross draw, seat belts dont bother me.
I want my gun attached To ME!.
In a hurry , I know my self defense is where it needs to be,,, without having to think , or re attach,,


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
Simple solution - have more than one gun with you.

My car gun is wedged between the seats of my RAM. When I exit it is pivoted down and covered with old papers......and I still likely have more than one on my person.

Was disarmed of my OC once by a LEO following a traffic accident. He never asked if I had more or patted me down. I had one CCd in my jacket pocket. :lol:

Phoenix David

Regular Member
Sep 8, 2009
Glendale, Arizona, USA
So this is the center console, I went with the Maxpedition universal holster and some Velcro Extreme and it holds it nice an snug. Don't know your areas laws on gun in cars but in Arizona it's perfectly fine.

This is looking down, it looks bigger then it is, but there is enough room there to get a good grip on the butt, the muzzle is resting on the bottom of the compartment

A side view. The trigger guard area is large enough that I can also fit a Sig without any adjustments