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MD HB-9 Reciprocity for DE Permit Holders

Maryland Shall Issue

Regular Member
Jul 17, 2009

Thought the DE folks would be interested in this.

1. Hearing for HB-9: Regulated Firearms - License Issued By Delaware, Pennsylvania or Virginia - Reciprocity

The hearing for HB-9, sponsored by Delegate Michael Smigiel (R-36) has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 25 at 1:00pm in the House Judiciary Committee.

HB-9 would specify that a license issued by the named states would be valid in Maryland.

What we need you to do:

•Use the quick email tool to send a message to the members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to support HB-9.

•Delegates Curt Anderson and Jill Carter, usually not in agreement with our issues, are two members of the committee who voted in favor of HB-52, last year's version of the bill. Send them an email thanking them for their support last year and thanking them in advance for supporting HB-9 this year.

•The delegates that need to have your main effort are as follows: Kathleen Dumais, Tiffany Alston, Sam Arora, Luke Clippinger, Frank Conaway, Susan Lee, Keiffer Mitchell, Jr., Luiz Simmons, Kris Valderrama, Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Jeffrey Waldstreicher.

•The aforementioned names are those that either voted against the bill last year or are new to the committee and, we suspect, likely to be in opposition to it this year.

• Please do not send repeated emails to the entire committee. It bogs down the staff of our supporters on the committee.


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Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC


Please do not use our forum to further your one-man war against Maryland Shall-Issue. It is against our rules.



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Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
For those of you who can't make it to Annapolis to witness the festivities in person, you can view the proceedings of this Bills testimonies via a live video stream at this web address:


Click on the "judiciary" link on the left of this page. This will give you a list of previous and current streams. HB-9 will be heard at 1pm on Tuesday, 25 January. Click on that link on the main part of the screen when the list appears.

If you have the "Silverlight" video reader installed on your computer, use the "Silverlight" listing. If you don't (like if you have a Mac, or you don't want to load it) choose the "Standard" listing.

Tune in, and enjoy...

Thanks to Andy Morony, my contact at Delegate Mike Smigiel's office for this information.

I'll be there in spirit, guys, but I'll be honest, it's probably better that I can't make it...

I was intending to call out the MSP on all the lies they told in last year's testimonies. It would NOT have been pretty, I guarantee.

And I imagine they will be giving the same sort of "Alice in Wonderland" spiel again this year, so try not to LOL when MSP takes the microphone...

I hope that someone will bring to light the fallacy that they claimed that "only MD LEOs can be trusted to carry in MD"...

Officer Gahiji A. Tshamba (shot and killed an ex-Marine, after a bar scuffle, was intoxicated)

Detective Anthony N. Fata (shot himself in the leg, made up story about a black assailant)

Baltimore City Police Officer Steven Kolas (ran over dirtbike rider in cruiser-lost Federal Civil Rights lawsuit)
Baltimore City Police Officer Brandon Barnes (ran over dirtbike rider in cruiser-lost Federal Civil Rights lawsuit)

BPD Officer Harry Dodge (Shot fellow officer and innocent bystander)
BPD Officer Harry Pawley (Shot fellow officer and innocent bystander)
BPD Officer Toyia Williams (Shot fellow officer and innocent bystander)
BPD Officer Latora Craig (Shot fellow officer and innocent bystander)

PG County Officer Sinisa Simic (Federal extortion, smuggling charges)
PG County Sgt. Rich Delabrer (Federal extortion, smuggling charges)
PG County Cpl. Chong Chin Kim (Federal extortion, smuggling charges)

PG County Officer Darin Rush (DWI)

AA County Lt. James Cifala (Federal Child porn charges)

Rockville City Officer John Thomas Ferguson IV (4 counts of second-degree assault, resulting from a bar fight he started)

PG County Cpl. Eddie L. Smith Jr (charged with being an accomplice to bank robbery)

MSP TFC David McKinley Thomas, Jr (fraud and misconduct)

AA County Officer Joseph F. Mosmiller ( fourth-degree sex offense, second-degree assault and two other misdemeanors)

MSP Trooper Bruce Allen Tucker (possession and distribution of child pornography)

Morningside Chief of Police David Eichelberger Jr. (selling stolen firearms)

MSP Trooper First Class Steven Spoonire (manufacturing controlled substance, growing pot)

PG County Officer Anthony Kline
PG County Officer Sean McAleavey
PG County Officer Reggie Baker
National Capitol Park Police Officer, John Ardovini (all charged with brutality and coverup in Jack McKenna brutality incident)

and on and on and on....

The "thin blue line" in MD seems to have a whole lot of blood dripping from its batons these days...

To serve and protect--their own sociopathic thuggery....