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Mas Ayoob in Springfield in February 2018


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
choking & cough'g badly...send medical assistance... surely i misread the price ~ $400?

With no lunch...

two 10-hour days...

...cannot guarantee the comfort of the chairs....

no live fire....

thanks nemo, think i will purchase the new firearm i have been thinking about instead!!
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Regular Member
Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
MA has been known to make stuff up out of thin air for his own self marketing. I give him credit for making money with very little experience in both SD, and LE.

I really don't care that he does not like OC, and he can spout all the babble he wants, it's legal here, and in most of the country, and he should just go pound sand. I would not waste $400 on a blow hard.


Regular Member
Jul 1, 2014
Tomahawk and Abbotsford, Wi.
Yes, a couple of those had OC issues, the ones I remember. From not even being loaded to not even being OC, but seen arming up CC in the parking lot! You keep hearing the same tired old examples of OC fail, and most not even OC. Pretty disingenuous to use that all as the basis of your argument. Stake out your position, then go find the facts to prove it.

Or make them up.

OCed today at a microbrewery, taking Mom out to lunch. Don’t drink alcohol. No mention of firearm. Still here. Hard to believe......