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Lamentation for when it's Florida's turn for a mass school shooting


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
[h=3]THERE IS NO SURPRISE IN FL MASS MURDER[/h]"The murders in Florida were not senseless, they made perfect sense. Inundate the public with horrific mass-murder images daily, encourage a sense that killing is fun, glorify psychos who act out, ignore folks behind curtains who have a hand in it (no, not the NRA), round up the usual suspects, do you expect a different result?"

Mr Birdman

Regular Member
Jun 2, 2013
United States

I think all Fl National Guard troops who are under 21 should ask for a discharge since they will no longer be able to own firearms


Regular Member
Jan 7, 2018
This and every other shooting needs to clearly be blamed on one person. The shooter. However, beyond that the only conversation anyone is willing to have is how do we ban guns. How do we ban Gun A and let the plebes have gun B. They seem to forget school shootings happened during the AWB, most famously Columbine. In that shooting two teenagagers, not ahrdened criminals, found a way to gather firearms and use them. THese were teenagers, and you are telling me a dedicated criminal and bad guy can't get a gun if you ban Gun A?

Or backgorund checks will work? C'mon folks that's ridiculous.

Ultimately, gun control is security theatre, and always has been.

Raising the age to purchase a gun to 21? Are you serious, that's your solution?

These people don't live in the real world, and have never had too, and they'll try for as long as possible to stay out of the real world.