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Khar CW9 Steel Ammo use


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Sep 22, 2014
United States

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I wanted to pose a question for your consideration and discussion.

Topic: Steel Ammo

I had a friendly yet "heated" discourse with a salesman at a local hunting retail store. He seemed to strongly recommend the .9mm "Hornady® Critical Defense® Handgun Ammo". This particular ammo has a polymer tip that allows delayed expansion of the bullet upon contact. (ie: winter or bulky clothing would be pierced prior to bullet expanding on contact with flesh.) I agree this is a wonderful feature.

My problem is that I was told when purchasing my Khar CW9 that steel cased ammo (as is the case with the above mentioned ammo) should not be used in my handgun.

My question:

What should I consider when deciding if I should use steel ammo? (will not use at range, only for CC) Realistically what perils or dangers are present when using steel ammo? I wish I could find a similar product as above in a brass casing. (any suggestions?)

From what I see online, there is something about the coating they use on steel ammo that, can runt he risk of, if left in a recently fired (hot) barrel the coating may run the risk of melting and sticking up the chamber. Thoughts?

Thank you for your responses.

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Jan 14, 2012
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Contact the manufacturer is the best thing you can do ... if they do not say "steel ammo should not be used" I would follow their direction.


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Dec 11, 2012
This was off of Kahr's website.

Q. Which ammunition is recommended for use with Kahr firearms?

A. Kahr Arms does not endorse any particular brand of ammunition. However, not every brand of ammunition produces the same results. Please check the markings on the barrel hood of your firearm to determine the proper caliber. Kahr suggests a visit to a pistol range to test fire different brands of ammunition in the proper caliber. Kahr do not recommend steel case, reloads or un-jacketed ammunition. The Kahr pistol is rated to +P.
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Apr 2, 2007
Southeast, Missouri, USA
Problem solved....
"All Critical Defense® ammunition is loaded in nickel cases for increased visibility in low-light situations. Premium low fl ash propellants deliver proven performance, even in very shortbarreled handguns, and won't disrupt your vision. Reliable expansion and dependable terminal performance can be counted on for concealed carry/personal protection."

I've seen lots of SD ammo in nickel cases but have never personally seen any in steel.