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Just in case....

Logan 5

Regular Member
Apr 16, 2012
I'm curious. Why do you think we have something like the Second Amendment? Hmmm. Gets one to wonder, right? Well, wonder no more! There is this little tale about this fella named Adolf-

WAIT!!!!! That wasn't about ol' boy Adolf! Or was it? Let's see...unConstitutional attacks on our freedoms by cops? Maybe. Maybe it's about protecting our homes! Ya think? Well, that was covered by the Supreme Court already. But then the recent event with Hamas comes to mind. Hell, Israel is supposed to be more secure than the US, so considering the impact Hamas recently had-

Nah! The cops and anti-gun nutjobs would prefer that we bow down and be executed. And they'll gladly help us-

Hey guys, that could be YOUR community next....

color of law

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
It is here with us right now.
How many people are rotting in jail cells right now without a trial for January 6th.? Lots. The first thing the Gov. will do is take over the ammo factories. You can have all the guns you want, you just can't get ammo.

Israel decided to have gun control. And this is what you get.
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Active member
Nov 21, 2018
Washington Island, WISCONSIN. Out in Lake Michigan
Prayerfully, hopefully we all have a peaceful lifetime supply of ammunition.

I hope all attend to Cardinal Vigano’s awakening tocsin for America. The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem has asked for today as a day of abstinence, fasting and Prayer. Locally we have an evening Eucharistic Adoration and Liturgy of the Word with Communion.