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Information Pamphlet Input


State Researcher
Jul 31, 2007
Bear, Delaware, USA
imported post

So, having seen the other information pamphlets for other states, I thought it'd be nice to try to consolidate the law we've collected here into a pamphlet style brochure that someone might be able to take along with them...

It includes our right to carry for self-defense as listed in the Delaware Constitution, the state preemption code, transporting in vehicle, open and concealed. Municipal specific code, as well as the code for disorderly conduct and carrying concealed without a license. Lastly, there are some general tips for LEO encounters.

I'd appreciate any help with suggestions to revisions, error checking or general critique.

http://devnull.dtcc.edu/df1.jpg Page 1

http://devnull.dtcc.edu/df2.jpg Page 2


Regular Member
Mar 24, 2007
Kent county, Delaware, USA
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§ 1902. Questioning and detaining suspects.

(a) A peace officer may stop any person abroad, or in a public place, who the officer has reasonable ground to suspect is committing, has committed or is about to commit a crime, and may demand the person's name, address, business abroad and destination.

(b) Any person so questioned who fails to give identification or explain the person's actions to the satisfaction of the officer may be detained and further questioned and investigated.

(c) The total period of detention provided for by this section shall not exceed 2 hours. The detention is not an arrest and shall not be recorded as an arrest in any official record. At the end of the detention the person so detained shall be released or be arrested and charged with a crime.

Must be justifiable stop (terry stop) to demand: the person's name, address, business abroad and destination.


§ 1910. Identification of witness.

Whenever a peace officer has reasonable ground to believe that a crime has been committed, the officer may stop any person who the officer has reasonable ground to believe was present thereat and may demand the person's name and address.