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How to Open Carry in Omaha


New member
Aug 12, 2011
OPEN Carry in Nebraska clarification

There is no such thing as an "Open Carry Permit" in Nebraska.

There are two basic permits for firearms:

1. Firearms Purchase permit
2. Concealed Carry of Weapon permit "CCW"

If you have obtained a firearms purchase permit you may open carry in the State of Nebraska but my be restricted from open carry by local city ordinances.


I sent the Omaha Legal department the email below and their response is on the bottom. :banana:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 3:14 PM
To: Conboy III, Marty J (PSC)
Subject: Omaha Legal Department: Open Carry in Omaha

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.cityofomaha.org/law/ from:

If a person has a Concealed Handgun Permit issued by the Nebraska state patrol, is it necessary to have the "Open Carry" permit to open carry a handgun in Omaha?

Is the below statement true?

When Omaha recognized the Nebraska Permit to be able to carry concealed in Omaha they also recognized it as being the equivalent of their open carry permit, so you do not need the Open Carry permit to open carry if you have a Concealed Handgun Permit.

There is some confusion about this since the National Safety Council says it is necessary to have the open carry permit from Omaha.

Clear it up please... and thanks!


Sent from::
Feedback from City Law website - Prosecution Division

From M Conboy:

The statement is true: The state permit overrides any legal control by the city, and you need nothing else.

PS: The happy banana is mine!


Regular Member
Sep 10, 2013
Yes, while it's true that you don't need a CHP to open carry in Omaha, you still need their equivalently priced class and permit; $150 for training to be able to open carry a handgun. Me personally? I'd rather spend that on training for a CHP instead, which also allows you to open carry there, in addition to providing much more protection against most city firearm ordinances in general.

Also, if you took your CHP class from a NRA certified instructor, they will also accept that as proof of training if you want the open carry permit too for whatever reason.

Bottom line: The CHP beats Omaha's stupid OC permit every day of the week. Not to mention open carry in Omaha isn't the brightest idea in the world, either. Unless of course you like guns pointed at you, and I certainly don't.

The Course you have to take not only from a NRA certified instructor but certified by the Nebraska Council on Safety Cost $105 permit included.