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Holster for a Colt Police Positive Special


Regular Member
Oct 12, 2012
I've had my Police Positive for a while, but haven't shot it very much. I took it to the range today, and remembered just how much I like it! Mine is fairly old-from the mid-1920s by the serial number, but seems to have been shot very little and has no play at all in the lock-up.

For those unfamiliar, the Police Positive Special is basically a long-barrel Detective Special(or more properly the Detective Special is a short-barrel PPS). Mine has a 5" barrel so I have a chance of hitting what I'm aiming at with it :) but is still a lightweight and nice-handling gun. I don't dare put any +Ps in it, but do have a box of standard pressure Ny-Clads that I think would do the job well if the occasion arose.

I'd like to find a good holster so that I can carry it at least occasionally, but haven't had a lot of luck finding something that will fit it correctly. Detective Special holsters seem plentiful, but not for the longer PPS. K frame holsters are a bit too large, and allow it to move around too much for my comfort.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something that might work? I'm flexible on type as long as the gun fits properly.


Campaign Veteran
Jan 15, 2007
Most of what you are going to find are classified as "duty holsters". If that's not your style look at Tom Threeperson style holsters - retro and quite servicable.

The other option is to do a search for "revolver holster" and spend weeks agonizing over what you want in a semi- or full-custom scabbard.

stay safe.


Founder's Club Member
Nov 15, 2006
Fairfax Co., VA
Oh, my. Isn't asking for a holster for this gun a little like asking for a magneto for '39 Packard? They're probably out there, but its gonna take some looking.

But, old guns are cool, so it will be worth it I think.

I agree with Skid. Lotsa google.


Regular Member
Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
What type of holster are you looking for? Figure that out and it should be no problem to have one made for you. Locally ask your shoe repair, if near a military base, or check with a tack shop that does saddle repairs.