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Help Pass Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania!


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May 3, 2008
Greencastle, Pennsylvania, United States
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I looked and did not see this recently, but it was on PAFOA and I figured I could post it here too.


The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on Castle Doctrine legislation on Thursday, November 19. Gun owners should contact the members of the judiciary committee to support the measure – HB40. This specific Castle Doctrine bill will ensure that law abiding residents don’t have to retreat in their own homes before defending themselves from criminal attack. It also protects citizens from the expense of fighting civil lawsuits filed by criminals or their families when self-defense was justified. Here are key provisions of HB40:

* The bill eliminates the duty to retreat within one’s home, including attached structures like porches, decks and patios. There is an exception for people who are using their property to further a criminal activity. The provision also applies to vehicles, including non-motorized vehicles.
* The bill also eliminates the duty to retreat on the streets provided one is in fear of grave bodily injury or harm, and provided they are not engaged in criminal activity.
* It provides civil immunity for actions that are ruled self-defense. If the perpetrator sues anyway, it’s a loser pays system, so you can recover attorneys fees.
* HB40 clarifies the definition of loaded firearm to include magazines being secured in a separate pouch, rather than specifying a separate container, provided the magazine is secure, and the ammunition covered.

Contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee today. Based on the response to Castle Doctrine in other states, we know that gun control groups will get involved in this fight, making it seem as if we will have gun fights on every street corner. As we know, such dire predictions have yet to come true. Make sure you voice is heard! Call, e-mail, tweet, or even leave a note on their Facebook walls – just make sure your voice is heard!

Thanks for your support!!