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HB 1936, Disclosure of Police Video Camera Files, passes Senate 30-0

OC for ME

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Jan 6, 2010
White Oak Plantation
My e-mail to my state senator.

HB 1936, after reading the bill, will enable LE and the courts to further infringe upon the right of the people to hold their government accountable.

A public school (K thru college?) is a nonpublic location? Anyone who has legitimate business with the "school" may be admitted to the school. Is a school hallway, playground, or quad a setting where a citizen now has a reasonable expectation of privacy?

Will the definition for dwelling listed in RSMo 563.011 be the definition applied to 610.100? That now places a great many settings as nonpublic locations.

Every child or adult that is depicted or heard on a police video has a right under the law to obtain a "complete, unaltered, and unedited copy" of the police video. Under the new language a judge would be allowed to close the "record" to all citizens, even those who are depicted or heard on the video. This baffles me to no end.


Section 2(3) seems to indicate that I may obtain a "complete, unaltered, and unedited copy" if I or any member of my immediate family is depicted or heard in a police video recording.

Sections 5 seems to contradict (could be used to nullify?) section 2(3) entirely, if a judge orders it.

A civil penalty of $1000 or $5000 for a LE agency or officer violating the law? Where is the meaningful criminal penalty for possibly violating RSMo 575.020, 575.030, 575.040, 575.050, 575.060. Not to mention a citizen having to spend more money and time to gain a punitive redress for LE misdeeds?

Breaking even on costs and attorney's fees is not a proper redress of the wrongs.

Your vote in support of HB 1936 was unfortunate.
Holding accountable cops will be very much more difficult. It is now imperative that we record our interactions with LE.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust


Think that bill is bad ... look at what a court just did in my state ... hiding almost all evidence in cases ^^^

Want to see a pic of an accident scene? No way, the car's evidence.

Want body cam footage? No way, that's evidence.

Regardless if used in court or not ... an no Judge idiot, getting access via FOIA is different than through a court .. with FOIA you can get access for nothing.

Top link to court web page for case where u can DL opinion at bottom ... 2nd link to underlining admin FOIA case (shows what was requested) ...

This judge just made a totally new class of exempt records ... a huge exemption out of thin air.
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