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Gun in car question.


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May 14, 2009
Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
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Hi guys,
I'v a quick question I think I know the answer to but would like clarification.

I have a camp up in northern NH across the road from the CT river. Being so close to VT I end up there often. I went ahead & got a NH permit so I can carry legally in a vehicle and usually carry into VT without a second thought.

I'v always been told & thought that VT had no laws to break as far as guns go, that if you could legally own a handgun you could carry it on your person or in your car loaded without troubles.

A few weeks ago I took an NRA pistol instructors course. At the course was a gentleman from NH. We got to talking about things and once it got around to guns & VT he said that while it was legal to carry a gun without a permit it was illegal to carry a loaded pistol in a car. Said he had friends get in trouble during hunting season like that. I think he's wrong but he insisted & I just changed the subject, he seemed to feel "on the spot" because there were alot of people listening. I'm thinking he might have been confused & be thinking loaded rifles or some F&G laws, but I'm not familiar that with VT's hunting laws.

Anyway I'v looked since & have found nothing to support his statements so I figured I'd run it by the folks here.


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Dec 22, 2008
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Being born and rasied in vermont (Montpelier) I know of no gun laws other then the Federal ones ( no schools,fed buildings and 21 to buy a handgun 18 for rlfe. and so on) Other then that I know of no such law keeping you from carrying a firearm. I have searched the laws and have found nothing but here are the laws feel free to take a look.


Vermont does have a Fish and Game law much likes New Hampshires law that says you cant carry a loaded rilfe or crossbow in a car.

[align=left]Transporting Firearms & Crossbows in Motor Vehicles:
A person shall not carry or possess while in or on a vehiclepropelled by mechanical power or drawn by a vehiclepropelled by mechanical power within the right of way ofa public highway a rifle or shotgun containing a loadedcartridge or shell in the chamber, mechanism, or in amagazine or clip within a rifle or shotgun, or a muzzle loading rifle or muzzle loading shotgun that has been charged with powder and projectile and the ignition system of which hasbeen enabled by having an affixed or attached percussion cap,primer, battery, or priming powder. Unless it is uncocked,a person shall not possess or transport a crossbow in or on a motor vehicle, motorboat, airplane, snowmobile, ATV, orother motor-propelled craft or any vehicle drawn by a motorpropelled vehicle.[/align]

[align=left]Here is the link for that as well it's on page 19 section 3.[/align]



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May 21, 2006
, Vermont, USA
handgun in car

i believe that question was asked of a states attorney a few years back and the reply was that "the law banning a loaded rifle or shotgun in a moter vehicle is a hunting law, to stop deer jacking, a handgun is a defensive weapon and may be carried loaded in a motor vehicle."


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May 24, 2011
United States
carry in car in Vermont

I have lived in Vermont my entire life and while the gun laws are fairly clear the Fish and Game laws complicate things a bit. The way it was explained to me by a gun dealer years ago was that if you have a 9mm semi in a shoulder holster you'd be less likely to have problems then if you had a Ruger Blackhawk in 44 mag. It is not illegal to have a loaded pistol in the car BUT!!!!! if it appears you hunting with it then it is illegal. It is illegal to hunt from a vehicle in Vermont unless handicapped and you have a permit from the State to do so. For this reason it is a bad idea to have a loaded rifle or shotgun in a car or truck. So my S&W .38 special snub in my pocket is probably not going to be construed as a hunting pistol but the Dan Wesson .357 super mag would more then likely get me at the minimum questioned.

Hope this helps

carry for myself

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May 1, 2011
loaded defense pistol in car A-OK.....my gf's family is from VT and i visit months on end there, carry everywhere i go *schools aside*.

Loaded rifle in car BAD!!!! found that out my first trip up with my benelli M-4 no rifles or shotguns thats a no no

but pistol is fine :)