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Guam must stand talll on self-defense


Jul 5, 2006
Guam is a major US military installation and has been since we recaptured it during WWII. It is also a full US Territory with its residents enjoying full US Citizenship. Save for the fact that Hawaii had major agricultural contributions to the US economy, while Guam is essentially a welfare state without any meaningful private economy, Guam is in the same status vis-a-vie the United States as was the Territory of Hawaii in the early 1940s.

Any major attack on Guam would result in significant losses for the US Military if the attack were to be successful. One would hope the lessons of the past have been learned and that early warning systems would at least allow high value aircraft to get airborne before a nuclear missile attack. I doubt moored Navy vessels could get out of the blast zone given a 15 minute or less time of flight for ICBMs from NK.

It is absolutely offensive and unconstitutional for Guam not to fully respect the individual RKBA guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.

But all the private firearms in the world won't do a thing to deter a nuclear attack that can be launched from 2000 miles away, and with no intent to invade or occupy. Depending on the type of attack, nuclear blasts could render Guam uninhabitable for decades as happened with the test islands in the Bikini Atoll.